About Us

KB Kasuals is located in The Woodlands, Hughes Landing Shopping Center. The vision of KB Kasuals was to bring up and coming contemporary designers from around the US for an affordable price. 

The owner of the store, Krista Burks, is a native Houstonian who has always had a passion for fashion and a clear vision of owning a unique and stylish boutique. She has lived and traveled around the US to gather fashion ideas to make KB Kasuals a one of a kind boutique in The Woodlands.

KB Kasuals provides versatility with clothing ranging from simple everyday clothes to cocktail dresses. KB Kasuals is always searching to find the next new hottest designers and trends to bring to our customers. We bring simple California fashion and New York fashion to Houston. KB Kasuals hopes to spread passion for fashion with trendy, sleek and stylish clothing. 

“Fashion has 2 purposes: comfort and love. Beauty comes when fashion succeeds." 

"My favorite go to outfit is a pair of trendy jeans, simple tee, blazer/cardi and layers of jewelry. Simple is the new black"- KB